from Lisa (with love)

i am here to love, i am here to feel, to live, to express, to flow freely and ride the wave of human emotion- the full spectrum; the love and the pain and the fear as my teacher. i am a swirling vibration of exhilaration, untethered, open to newness, aware of the shift, constantly at ease, learning my worth, feeling the worthiness, the godliness, the flow. i am in total allowance, allowing the art, the beauty, to flow through me. i am thin, long, relaxed, glowing, beautiful, sexy, raw, real- a beautiful imperfection, at ease in enjoyment, calm and at peace, fully present to allow the most exquisite life to pour through me in New York, in California, in Bali, in Paris, with lovers, with strangers- we grow together, unattached to the experience, to write stories sweeter than our sweetest dreams, in penthouses, in theaters, in safety, in comfort, secure and cozy in the unknown, we release, we grow, we preserve, we let go, we help, we rock what would be deemed ugly in the sexiest ways, routine-less, wanting nothing, soaking up each moment, where we like to be.

i love, i see all love, i feel the pain fully and wholly and it feels right, so good to be here.